Special Committees & Task Forces

All meetings held in the 8th floor meeting room, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Detroit, unless otherwise indicated.
Videos from previous years' meetings, dating back to 2019, are available on the Wayne County Commission YouTube channel.

Special Committee on Rules

Chair: Alisha Bell
Vice- Chair: Joseph Palamara
This committee develops and proposes the Rules of Procedure for the Commission's two-year session. The Commission is governed by the Rules of Procedure that it has previously adopted during a meeting of the Wayne County Commission.
Committee Members: Alisha Bell, Chair; Joseph Palamara, Vice-Chair; Raymond Basham, Irma Clark-Coleman, Ilona Varga
Next Meeting Date: TBA

Agenda 2/11
Video 2/11

Special Committee on Criminal Justice Complex

Chair: Glenn S. Anderson
Vice- Chair: Jonathan Kinloch
Committee Members: Glenn S. Anderson, Chair; Jonathan C. Kinloch, Vice-Chair; Sam Baydoun, Terry Marecki, Ilona Varga
Next Meeting Date: Thursday, July 22, 12:00 p.m.

Agenda 7/22
Video 7/22

Special Committee on Behavioral Health

Chair:Tim Killeen
ice-Chair: Monique Baker McCormick
This special committee will look at ways to improve the quality of life for Wayne County residents and their families by fcusing on behavioral health issues and agencies provigins behavioral health services.

Committee Members: Tim Killeen, Chair; Monique Baker McCormick, Vice-Chair; Glenn S. Anderson, Jonathan C. Kinloch; Martha G. Scott
Next Meeting Date: TBA

Agenda 6/23
Video 6/23

Rosa Parks Memorial Task Force

Committee Members: Martha G. Scott, Chair; Irma Clark-Coleman, Melissa Daub, Tim Killeen
Next Meeting Date: TBA


Wayne County Women's Commission

The Wayne County Women's Commission was formed in 2021 by Wayne County Commission Chair Alisha Bell, under a recommendation
from resident Sarah Roberts, to look at issues including employment, earning power, health care and childcare and make recommendations designed to better the lives of women living in Wayne County. All 19 members are volunteers who will serve two-year terms without pay. Commission meetings are open to the public under provisions of the state's Open Meetings Act.

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, August 12, 12:00 p.m.
Agenda 7/8
Video 7/8

Wayne County Commission Youth Council

The Wayne County Commission Youth Council formed in 2020 to bring together high school students from throughout the county to learn about local and county government. Meetings are held throughout the school year. Student representatives apply for membership through their schools and their local county commissioner's office at the beginning of each school year.
Next Meeting Date: TBA

Chair: Martha G. Scott
Vice- Chair: Jewel Ware

Committee Members: Martha G. Scott, Chair; Jewel Ware, Vice-Chair, Irma Clark-Coleman, Melissa Daub, Tim Kileen
Next Meeting Date: TBA