Peer Counseling & Breast Feeding

Program Description

Wayne County WIC promotes breastfeeding as the recommended method of infant feeding. We offer classes to educate mothers prenatally on the benefits of breastfeeding and provide breastfeeding support after delivery. Our offices are breastfeeding friendly and offer the services of trained breastfeeding Peers (Certified Lactation Counselors).

Goals and Objectives

  • Encourage mothers to choose to breastfeed and to offer support and encouragement for a successful breastfeeding experience
  • Increase the number of mothers who breastfeed their infants
  • Increase the number of days, weeks and months that breastfeeding continues
  • Provide breastfeeding encouragement and support to women throughout their infant's first year of life

Accomplishments & Awards

Due to the Breastfeeding Peer Program, the numbers of mothers who choose to breastfeed in Wayne County has increased along with the length of time that mothers are breastfeeding.Wayne County Breastfeeding Peers are also members of the Metro Detroit Wayne County Breastfeeding Coalition. The Coalition was awarded a grant from the CDC which was used to establish free breastfeeding classes and support groups throughout the Metro Detroit area and also to create a breastfeeding resource guide

Additional Program Information

Contact Us

Diane Ewell
Breastfeeding Program Coordinator

Breastfeeding Support Line - (734) 727-7105