General Trials Unit

The General Trials Unit is one of seven units in the Trial Division and is responsible for the prosecution of all felony cases in the Wayne County Circuit Court Criminal Division. A felony is any crime that is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year. The General Trials Unit handles felony offense related to Arson, Forgery, Robbery, Assaults, Home Invasions, Sexual Assaults, Drug Violations, Homicides, Theft Offenses, Embezzlement, Retail Fraud, and Weapon Offenses.

Some of these types of cases may also be handled by the other units in the Trial Divisions including Homicide, Prosecutor's Auto Theft Unit, Major Drug, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse or Child Abuse Unit.

In 2009, two categories of felonies were selected for special prosecution: sexual assaults and animal protection. The prosecutors assigned to these cases have a degree of expertise that allows the Prosecutor's Office to provide improved services to the community.

In the General Trials Unit there are five teams of prosecutors, managed by five supervisors. These five teams staff the 25 courtrooms in the Wayne County Circuit Court Criminal Division.



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