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Design Office

The Design Office is responsible for planning, prioritizing and evaluating proposed road, bridge, highway, structure, and drainage projects; preparing construction plans, specifications, cost estimates and contract documents for County projects; administration of various Federal and State mandated highway reports; formulation of engineering standards, specifications and guidelines. This office is also responsible for real estate and right-of-way functions.


Special Provisions for Road Construction
Wayne County roads are designed and constructed in accordance with the Michigan Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction as modified by Wayne County Special Provisions


  • Allen / North Line - 500' N. of Goddard, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Beck / Warren - Ann Arbor Road, reconstruct to three lanes

  • Beck / Ann Arbor Road - Ann Arbor Trail, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Chandler Park Drive / Canyon - Moross, reconstruct pavement

  • Concrete Patching Base Line Road / Meadowbrook - Ellen Drive, concrete patching

  • Huron River Drive /Sumpter - Martinsville, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Joy / Evergreen - Southfield Fwy (M-39), rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Sheldon / Van Born - Yost, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Warren / Telegraph (US-24) - W. Outer Drive, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Cherry Hill / Beck - Canton Center, widen to 3 lanes, rehabilitate/resurface pavement

  • Lotz Cherry Hill - Ford (M-153), construct three lane pavement

  • Traffic signal Beck / Saltz Intersection, traffic signal installation

  • Traffic signals Mack / Cadieux and Rivard, traffic signal upgrade