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FY 2007-2008

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Introduction (27 pgs.)
  • Wayne County Commission and Other Elected Officials
  • Commissioners By District
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
  • Table of Contents
  • County Wide Organization Chart
  • Wayne County Mission Statement
  • Executive Strategic Priorities
  • Core Work Values
  • Executive's Programmatic Goals
  • County Executive 2007-2008 Organization Chart
  • Budget Message
  • Budget Assumptions
  • Commission Changes to County Executive Recommended Budget
Budget Overview(18 pgs.)
  • Reader's Guide
  • Budget Format Changes
  • Fund Description
  • Department and Activity Accounts
Budget Summary All Funds(45 pgs.)
  • Summary of Revenue and Expenditures
  • Summary by Fund
  • Summary by Fund - Graph
  • Description of Major Revenues Sources
  • Comparison of Values
  • Summary of Revenues by Fund and Source
  • Revenue by Fund and Activities
  • Expenditures by Object - Graph
  • Summary of Expenditures by Fund and Object
  • Expenditures by Fund and Activity
  • Fund Balance - Graph
  • Projected Fund Balances
  • Full Time Positions - Graph
  • Five-Year Position Trend
  • Summary of Positions
Budget Summary General Fund (10 pgs.)
  • Summary of Revenues and Expenditures
  • Revenues and Expenditures Detail
  • Description of Major General Fund Revenues
Elected Officials and Department Summaries (292 pgs.)
(Note: Each section includes Expenditures Charts and Trend Analysis) Debt Summary(14 pgs.)
Capital Projects(29 pgs.)
Community Profile(8 pgs.)
Appendix(58 pgs.)
  • Enrolled Ordinance
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Acronyms
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements