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Jonathan C. Kinloch (Dist. 2)

Jonathan C. Kinloch is in his second term as a Wayne County Commissioner. He was appointed to the commission in January 2021. He is chair of the Committee on Ways and Means and a member of the Committee on Public Service, Committee on Economic Development and the Committee on Public Safety, Judiciary & Homeland Security. He also serves on the Special Committee on The Criminal Justice Complex and the Special Committee on Behavioral Health. Commissioner Kinloch sits on the Board of Directors for Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) also known as, the Wayne County Mental Health Authority. Commissioner Kinloch serves as Chair of the Board Officers Nominating Committee, Vice Chair of DWIHN's, Recipient Rights Advisory Committee and as a member of the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Oversight Policy Board. He's Chairman of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority and serves on the Detroit Board of Water Commissioners. Commissioner Kinloch was elected to the Detroit Board of Education and served on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, where in November 2020, he garnered national attention when he resisted efforts not to certify Wayne County's 2020 Presidential Election results.While serving on the Detroit Board of Education, he introduced a number of policies which remain with the District today. He's most proud of his role in the creation of the Office of Inspector General and the DPS Police Department. Commissioner Kinloch has worked as the Southeast Michigan Community Liaison to Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer.Currently, he's president of The Kinloch Group, Inc., a multifaceted media and public policy consulting company. Commissioner Kinloch represents approximately 116,000 residents living in County Commission District 2, which encompasses Detroit's neighborhoods of Arden Park, Boston Edison, Brewster Homes, Brush Park, Chandler Park, Core City, Corktown, Cultural Center, Dexter-Linwood, Douglas, Downtown, East Canfield, East Village, Eastern Market, Elmwood Park, Fox Creek, Gabriel Richard, Gateway Community, Gold Coast, Gratiot Grand, Gratiot Town-Kettering, Gratiot Woods, Harbortown, Indian Village, Islandview, Jamison, Jefferies, Joseph Berry Sub, Lafayette Park, Piety Hill, Lasalle Gardens, Marina District, Medical Center, Mid-Town, Milwaukee Junction, New Center, New Center Commons, North Corktown, North-End, North Lasalle, Northwest Goldberg, Pingree Park, Poletown East, Riverfront, Virginia Park, West Virginia Park, West End, West Village, Woodbridge and Wildemere Park, to name a few. He continues to volunteer and lend his support to various causes locally and nationally. Commissioner Kinloch is Chair of the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party and serves as the 3rd Vice Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. Also, he is a member of Triumph Church in Detroit.

Representing: Detroit (part). For a district map, click here.


Sherri Johnson

Legislative Staff Assistant for Constituent Services, Civic and Community Affairs

Bernt Walker

Legislative Aide for Constituent Services, Office Administration and Executive Assistant

Steven Rimmer

Legislative Aide for Constituent Services, Policy Analysts and Commission Affairs

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