Office of Register of Deeds

Effective May 4, 2020, our office is limiting the number of customers we service at our customer service windows and will do so on an appointment-only basis.

To schedule an appointment for search, copy, recording services and use of self-service kiosks you may click the link below:

Click here to make an appointment

You may continue to submit documents electronically, by mail or courier service. When a document is recorded, the date we received the document will be used as the recording date. Information about our fees and recording requirements can be found under the Document Recording tab. If you have questions about electronic submissions, contact your eRecording submitter.

To obtain copies of documents, go to www.waynecountylandrecords. You will be required to pay a subscription fee using a credit card. There is no fee to obtain index information about a document.

All individuals doing business within our office must wear a mask or face covering. Please do not bring anyone with you unless his or her assistance is necessary to help you during the appointment. We will provide hand sanitizer upon entry.

All documents presented for recording should be reviewed for accuracy by a professional. Rejected documents will require an additional appointment.

Ten documents per appointment.


Stay safe.

Bernard J. Youngblood,
Wayne County Register of Deeds

Welcome to the Wayne County Register of Deeds

Bestowed with powers by the Michigan constitution, the office of Register of Deeds is the library of land records for the county. Each of the nearly 900,000 property parcels within the county boundaries have their own unique history archived at this location. Just as your neighborhood library incorporates the Dewey Decimal System to stack and retrieve books, here we use a system referencing liber and page number to record and retrieve documents relating to each specific property description dating from 1703.It is a great privilege to be entrusted by the voters to maintain and protect our land records of the county. This responsibility is shared with a selected team of specialized individuals possessing excellence and integrity worthy of this committed pledge under my leadership.

Thank you for visiting and allowing my team to protect your property rights.


Bernard J. Youngblood
Wayne County Register of Deeds

"Where Good Deeds...Last Forever"©

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Register of Deeds is to provide an easily accessible, accurate and timely archival database of the county land records while providing prompt, courteous and efficient customer service.