Foodborne Outbreaks

As a foodservice operator, you are responsible for your operation, your staff, and your customers. The best way to meet your obligations is to keep the food you serve safe. To start, you must know what foodborne illnesses are, and whom they most affect. The more you learn about them, the more you will understand the need for strong food safety practices. The costs of a foodborne-illness outbreak can be devastating.

A foodborne illness is a disease transmitted to people by food. An illness is considered a foodborne-illness outbreak when two or more people from different households have the same symptoms after eating the same food. However, this requires an investigation by a regulatory authority as well as confirmation by a laboratory. Millions of people contract a foodborne illness each year. Most cases go unreported and do not occur at restaurant or foodservice operations. Those that are reported and investigated help the industry learn about the causes of foodborne illnesses and what can be done to prevent them.