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Vote!!! 2023!

"Voting Is Not Only Your Right; Make It Your Responsibility!"

Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County Clerk

Below you can find Election Services that can be completed from home.

Filing for Office - Completed and notarized affidavits can be mailed in, along with a certified check or money order made out to the Wayne County Clerk or petitions. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)
Mail to: Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave., Room 502, Detroit, MI 48226

Register to Vote

Campaign Finance Statements

Poll Opening & Closing Times

Upcoming Election Voting Instructions

Find Your Local Clerk

Election Calendar of Dates

Candidate Affidavit of Identity Forms

Precinct Delegate Forms

Michigan Voter Information Center - Verify your Voter Registration, See your Sample Ballot, Track your Absentee Ballot

Military & Overseas Civilian Voters

Absentee Information

Voter Registration Applications

Voter I. D. Requirements

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Spanish Version:
Notificación para los electores: Entra en vigencia el nuevo requerimiento de identificación para votar

Rights of Voters

Rights of Voters with Disabilities

Voter Rights

Voting Registration and Ballot Information

Am I Registered to Vote?

Where Do I Vote? Find Your Polling Place

Maps & Additional Information

Legislative District Locator

Michigan's Congressional District Interactive Map

Michigan's State Senate District Interactive Map

Michigan's State House District Interactive Map

Wayne County Commission District Maps

Michigan Trial & District Courts Map

Michigan Schools and School District Interactive Map

Michigan Municipalites & Unincorporated Interactive Map

What is the Electoral College?

Voting Equipment

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission