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Data and Reports

Social Districts Survey

A response to the pandemic to help struggling restaurants and bars, Social Districts have been implemented statewide to much fanfare. When a municipality sets up a Social District, it allows for patrons to purchase alcohol from participating businesses and consume the alcohol outside and in public within the Commons Area of the Social District. Originally scheduled to sunset in 2025, the Social District legislation is here to stay.

Wayne County Economic Development coordinated with Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Macomb County to gather data from communities that have Social Districts through a survey. This research is intended to be used to help inform economic development initiatives and programs across the region and to provide information to municipalities who may be considering implementing Social Districts. We are excited to share the results below!

Social Districts Survey Presentation

Social Districts Survey Results

The Wayne County Economic Development team has managed nearly $70 million dollars in grant funding for impacted small businesses and employees of targetted impact sectors. Distribution of funds and grants by communties, as well as a full list of business awardees, is linked below:

Grant Distribution and Awardee Data

Our team has worked closely with Wayne County's various economic development partners to develop programming and support for small businesses. The interactive charts below visualize data for the Wayne County Back to Work Grant program and the Federal PPP Loan program.

Small Business Impact Study

Federal PPP Loan Data