Transparency in Government

Citizens of Wayne County:

My administration is committed to an open and transparent government. The "Transparency in Government" section of the county website will help keep citizens continuously informed about the activities of Wayne County government. We invite you to visit often for up-to-date information including financial reports, budget information and public notices.

Wayne County remains committed to enhancing the trust of the public and making the best use of public's tax dollars. Thank you for visiting.

Warren C. Evans
Wayne County Executive

Financial Reports
Public Records
Local Taxes
Permits & Zoning
Conflict of Interest
Governing Boards & By-Laws
Fraud Reporting
Elected Officials
County Executive
Contact: Warren C. Evans

(313) 224-0286

County Commission
Contact: Alisha Bell

County Clerk
Contact: Cathy M. Garrett

(313) 224-6262

County Prosecutor
Contact: Kym L. Worthy

(313) 224-5777

County Treasurer
Contact: Eric R. Sabree

(313) 224-5990

Register of Deeds
Contact: Bernard J. Youngblood

(313) 224-5850

County Sheriff
Contact: Benny N. Napoleon

(313) 224-2222

Department Administration
Corporation Counsel
Contact: James Heath

(313) 224-5030

Public Services
Contact: Beverly Watts

(313) 224-7600

Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Contact: Tadarial Sturdivant

(734) 728-3711

Environmental Services
Contact: Beverly Watts

(313) 224-3620

Health, Human & Veteran Services

Senior Services

(734) 326-5282

Management & Budget
Contact: Hughey Newsome

(313) 224-0420

Information Technology
Contact: Carlos Perez

Personnel & Human Resources
Contact: Steve Mahlin

(313) 224-5901