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Doing Business with Wayne County

New Jail Complex Opportunities

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Learning About Wayne County Business Services

  • Certification gives your business a competitive edge. How do I get certified?
  • After certifying, become a Success partner. Learn about Success benefits.
  • You have lots of questions about Vendor Services. Let us help.
  • In order to start, you'll need forms, applications and other documents. Start here.
  • There are other places to look for assistance. Let's look together.

Everyone has a question that may not be answered here. Email us for a prompt response. (Contact us)

Certification Forms/ Applications

Additional forms used by the county for awardability on a Wayne County proposals can be viewed and downloaded at Certification Forms/Applications

For more information on how to fill out forms and applications please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact Human Relations team at (313) 224-5021.