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IDSD Compliance Forms

Updated policy regarding investigator usage for Tier 1 and Tier 2 assignments
Within 48 hours of assignment of a Tier 1 or Tier 2 offense, assigned counsel should select an investigator to assist with preparing a defense unless assigned counsel chooses to opt-out.

If assigned counsel chooses to opt out, a detailed explanation is needed on the Request for Investigator Services/Opt-Out form.

This does not preclude attorneys assigned to Tiers 3 & 4 from investigator usage to prepare a defense.

Our forms are fillable PDFs. Many internet browsers such as Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox can complete fillable forms without additional software. Apple products such as Mac computers, iPads and iPhones are not able to complete fillable forms in Safari and will require a PDF product which can provide form fill functions.

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Standard 2 - Initial Interview
Standard 3 - Investigation and Experts
PAYEE Field on Requests for Payment

The "Payee" field in the investigator and expert requests for payment MUST match the name on file on the provider's W-9. Failure to match the Payee field to the W-9 name will result in payment delays.

NOTE: We recommend that all attorneys, investigators, and experts familiarize themselves with our Standard 3 Policy prior to requesting services as an attorney or applying to our program as an investigator/expert service vendor.
That policy can be found on our Policies & Procedures page and HERE

Request for Appeal Regarding Investigator/Expert Services

We have a courtesy list of Investigators and Experts who have worked with us on our Additional Resources page. We will be updating these courtesy resources periodically as new investigators and experts agree to our policy and fee schedules and/or apply to our roster independently.

Expert Forms:
Attorney Request for Expert
Expert Request for Payment UPDATED 03/08/2022
Impact and Evaluation of Expert
Sample Template Expert Time and Expenses

Investigator Forms:
Attorney Request for Investigator/Opt-Out Form
Investigator Request for Payment UPDATED 03/08/2022
Impact and Evaluation of Investigator
Sample Template Investigator Time and Expenses