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IDSD Compliance Forms

Standard 2 - Initial Interview
Standard 3 - Investigation and Experts
The use of a private investigator is MANDATORY for any Tier 1 or Tier 2 case in Wayne County.

You can find the Request for Investigator/Opt-Out form HERE or under our Investigator and Expert Program section HERE.

NOTE: We recommend that all attorneys, investigators, and experts familiarize themselves with our Standard 3 Policy prior to requesting services as an attorney or applying to our program as an investigator/expert service vendor.
That policy can be found on our Policies & Procedures page and HERE

All other Investigator and Expert Program courtesy provider lists and forms can be found with additional instruction on our Investigator Expert Program pages linked below.

Request an Investigator or Expert

Courtesy Lists of Providers
Request for Services
Request for Appeal Regarding Services

Requesting Payment for an Investigator or Expert

Schedule of Rates as established by the MIDC
Standardized Travel Policy
Request for Payment Forms
Travel Mileage Form
Sample Templates
Impact and Evaluation Surveys
Delinquent Payment Invoice Submission Supplement