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Requesting Payment for Investigator or Expert

Schedule of Rates

Rates for all providers are pre-established and ensconced in our core policies. If you have questions as a provider or on behalf of a provider you are working with, please direct them to the attention of and

Schedule of Rates for Investigators and Experts

Standardized Travel Policy

Payment Process for Investigators and Experts

Once your service provider request has been approved by an Investigator/Expert Program Administrator, your provider should track hours and travel involved in service for your case.

The service provider should complete the relevant Request for Payment (RFP) fillable form when they are ready to submit for payment; this should be the earlier of either completion of services or quarterly. The service provider should send the request for payment to the appropriate defense counsel for signature as verification that services were rendered, and the attorney should then send the completed and signed form to, CCing their provider to alert them that it has been submitted.

If your request for payment includes travel, please include the completed travel reimbursement page in addition to the RFP, and put the travel total as a single line in the request for payment.

Expert Request for Payment

Investigator Request for Payment

Travel Mileage

The Payee field on the request for payment MUST match the entity name as filed on your provider's w-9!

Failure to match the Payee field to the W-9 name will result in payment delay

Once your request for payment has been signed and submitted, it must be reviewed and authorized by an Investigator/Expert Program Administrator, the Assigned Counsel Administrator, and the Fiscal Grant Manager before being submitted to accounts payable to make it into the next County payment cycle. This process takes, at minimum, a couple of weeks.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, please ensure that your requests for payment are accurate (Payee information and business address match what is on your submitted w-9, time and expenses are outlined clearly and within the original request's budget, etc.) and that the attorney you are performing work on behalf of is responsive to your requests for verification and signature. Please see Escalation below if you require assistance.

We have example templates below for completed time and expenses in a request for payment.

Sample Template - Expert Time & Expenses

Sample Template - Investigator Time & Expenses

Impact and Evaluation

For cases where an investigator or expert has been engaged, we request that counsel complete an impact and evaluation of the investigator or expert on the case overall.

While the impact and evaluation forms have space to indicate the case outcome, these are not mandatory fields if the case is still in progress.

After verifying and signing off on your investigator or expert's payment, please complete an impact and evaluation for them.

Impact and Evaluation of Expert

Impact and Evaluation of Investigator

Delinquent Payments

Wayne County's fiscal year runs from 10/1 - 9/30. To that end, requests for payment containing services performed within a given fiscal year must be submitted before 9/30. Any requests for payment that include services performed in the prior fiscal year must be accompanied by the I/E Delinquent Invoice Submission Request Form.

Delinquent Invoice Submission Request Form

If you as an investigator or expert are struggling to get a signature or verification for your services from the attorney for a case, please contact We are happy to assist as it is very important to us that our providers are paid for services rendered.