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Hearing & Vision

Your Child's Hearing and Vision

Part of your child's success in school depends on good hearing and vision.

Periodic hearing and vision screenings during the pre-school and school age years are important in identifying a hearing or eye problem early.

Hearing & Vision Screenings for children ages 3-18 years are offered in schools, preschools, nurseries, day care centers and Head Start.

Free hearing and vision screenings are available by appointment the 3rd Friday of each month.

  • To schedule an appointment call 734-727-7136

If a child is suspected of having a hearing or vision problem, the parent or guardian will be notified and recommended to see a physician of their choosing.

Children may have a hearing problem if:

  • History of frequent ear infections or drainage from ears
  • Wants the TV or radio louder
  • Misunderstands or asks to repeat
  • Delayed speech

Children may have a vision problem if:

  • Child squints or tilts head to see
  • Has an eye that crosses or wanders when child is ill or tired
  • Holds objects close to the eyes
  • Sits close to the TV

Hearing & Vision Parent Brochure

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