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Wayne County Roads Division is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 1,440 county primary and local roadways and 462 miles of state trunk lines and freeways. It is the mission of the Roads Division to protect and extend the useful life of the roads under the division's jurisdiction.


Sign-up for Road Alerts
By signing up for our Road Alerts system, you will be notified when key roads are closed or scheduled for construction.

Report a Road Hazard
If you notice a huge pothole, had to dodge a mattress on a highway, or if you notice a traffic signal that is malfunctioning, you can report a road hazard 24 hours a day by calling (888) 762-3273.

Report a Damage Claim
If your car was damaged as a result of hazardous road conditions such as potholes, you may be able to receive reimbursement if the owner of the road [city, county, or state] is deemed negligent in addressing the problem prior to the incident.

Wayne County's Adopt-A-Road program is designed to keep the County's roadsides clean and attractive. Businesses and citizens adopt a one-mile or more stretch of road over 3 years and take responsibility for cleaning both sides of the road.

Forestry Office
The Forestry Office is responsible for the care of State and County right-of-ways not used by vehicular traffic. The Office maintains grass areas, trims and removes trees and shrubs, plants trees and shrubs, and inspects trees and shrubs for disease.

Bridge & Structure Maintenance
The Bridge Maintenance program provides mechanical, structural and electrical maintenance and repair services for bridges and pumphouses located along major roadways, freeways, and boating corridors.

Snow Removal
The Roads Division is responsible for snow removal along more than 1,900 miles within its borders. Wayne County has the largest snow removal fleet in Michigan and was the first county in the country to establish a snow clearing policy back in 1910.

Weighmaster / Transportation Permits
Wayne County's Roads Division is Responsible for issuing special hauling and transportation permits and enforcement of oversize and overweight vehicles.

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations Office is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 100,000 signs and 1,458 traffic signals on the State and County road systems and the painting of pavement markings on the County system.

Township Road Maintenance
Counties and their townships have a unique relationship on the issue of road construction and maintenance. Unlike incorporated cities and villages, townships do not receive gas tax revenues for roads and therefore must rely on their county to provide nearly all road-related activities.

Seasonal Restrictions
Wayne County enforces seasonal weight restrictions or "frost laws" to protect the area roads from excess weight. Roads can be quite fragile in late winter as frost comes out of the ground. Trucks and heavy equipment that travel over a layer of concrete or asphalt that is not well supported beneath can result in lots of permenant cracks. Companies and residents can visit to see which roads are impacted.