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Geographic Information System

The DPS-ESG Water Quality Management Division (WQMD) maintains an environmental geographic information system (GIS) to provide maps and spatial analysis to a wide variety of organizations and individuals involved in watershed and water quality management activities. The WQMD GIS staff provides many services consisting of map production, data development, data analysis, spatial analysis, and graphic production.

The WQMD GIS contains base map features (i.e., roads, political boundaries, river systems, etc.) and thematic data such as watershed boundaries, land use, soils, water quality monitoring locations, wetland delineations, and other environmental data sets. Additionally, the WQMD GIS has several aerial imagery data sets including 2006 oblique aerial photography (Pictometry) and the 2010 aerial imagery produced by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

For additional information about DPS-ESG Water Quality Management Division GIS data and services, please contact the GIS manager at (734) 326-3936 or by email at

Maps of the Watersheds within Wayne County

A watershed is all the land area that drains into a river system. Wayne County lies within seven separate watersheds, the largest being the Rouge. Other watersheds include: Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, Ecorse Creek, Combined Downriver, Huron River, and Swan Creek.

Wayne County Watersheds

Rouge River Watersheds

Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC) Members

Alliance of Downriver Watersheds (ADW)

Alliance of Downriver Watersheds (ADW) Members