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Senior Prescription Program

About the Program

Wayne County's Senior Prescription Savings Program offers an excellent opportunity for residents 55 and over to save money on necessary medication. This is a FREE program where seniors can save up to 13 percent over the average wholesale price on drugs purchased at any participating pharmacy and up to 50 percent on mail-in savings from generic medicine. Call 1 (866) 896-3450 for an application. Within 10 business days of receipt of your application, the savings card will be sent to you. This program is administered by the nationwide Script Guide Rx. Already 12,000 seniors have started saving through this free card.

For other senior services including adult day care, greenhouse and gardening program, nutrition services and multipurpose centers, please visit the Wayne County Senior Resources website.

Your Coverage would include:

  • Any drug that requires a physician's prescription
  • Prescription mail order services
  • Thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide
  • Wellness information

You qualify for the Senior Savings Card if:

  • You are a Wayne County Resident
  • You are 55 or older
  • You have no other co-pay coverage (even if you have a deductible, but no co-pay, you qualify)

Senior Prescription savings Brochure And Application

Enroll Online

HealthChoice Pharmacy Provider:

Where Your Health Comes First
Scriptguide RX, 15400 E. Jefferson Ave. Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Member Services: 855-855-SGRX 15400 E. Jefferson Ave. Member Services
Pharmacy Help Desk (Pharmacists Only): 855-FOR-SGRX

For more information about the HealthChoice Senior Perscription please call 1-800-WELL-NOW, 500 Griswold St., 15th Floor North, Detroit, MI 48226