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Sexual Assault Team

The Sexual Assault Team (SAT) vertically prosecutes all sexual assault cases where the victims are 16 years and older at the time the report to police is made. This includes cases of delayed reporting in which a victim was a minor at the time of the assault. Additionally, the SAT prosecutes all cases of Human Trafficking, regardless of the age of the victim. The SAT also handles all cases of indecent and aggravated indecent exposure, committed by perpetrators classified as "Sexually Delinquent Persons." The unit also handles cases involving other capital offenses, including homicides, where there is a sexual assault as a component of the case.

The Sexual Assault Team (SAT) was formed to meet the needs of sexual assault complainants and public safety issues in a prompt, experienced, and efficient manner. The SAT is victim-centered in their approach to prosecution, from the review of warrants to the end resolution of the investigations and cases in court. Cases within the SAT are vertically prosecuted, whenever it is possible to do so, and this is central to the unit's approach of being victim-centered. Vertical prosecution entails the same prosecutor handling the case in its entirety, from the charging decision through preliminary examination, motions, and trial. Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking cases, and the investigations of these types of cases, require extensive time and preparation, along with experienced prosecutors who have ample forensic training and trial experience. Vertical prosecution is also vital to the unit's ability to advocate effectively for victims of Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking offenses.

WCPO Human Trafficking/Sexual Assault Unit