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Search Services and Copy Requests

There are three (3) convenient ways to retrieve a document from our extensive files:
  • Visit - available 24 hours a day
  • Visit our office in historic Greektown (kiosks are now only available to be used from 8:00am-12:00pm)
  • Request a Search-by-Mail

Search our Website

You can visit our website, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to search for - and print out - copies of recorded documents dating back to January 01, 1960. For best results, please read the FAQs at the top of the page BEFORE starting your search. (For records prior to January 01, 1960, please visit our office or request a search-by-mail).
  • FREE PUBLIC SEARCH allows you to search by name only (grantor or grantee) and will yield a listing of the documents recorded and indexed by the name you provided. You will not be able to view or print documents with the Free Public Search.

  • ON DEMAND ACCOUNT is a pay-as-you-go feature of our website. With a valid US credit card, you can open this account in increments of 15 minutes (for a cost of $6 plus fees) and your search options are expanded to allow you to search by address, legal description, parcel or tax ID, Liber and Page and more. You can also view documents in their entirety, and you can print documents for $2 per page. To open the On Demand Account, click on 'new registered user' and follow the prompts.

  • NOTE: Certified copies are not available from our website. Certifications can only be obtained by visiting our office or by requesting a search-by-mail.

Visit our Office

We are located at 400 Monroe, 7th floor - above Fishbones Restaurant in Greektown (downtown Detroit). Search fee for a property is $5.00. This fee is waived if you can provide proof you are searching for your personal residence (valid driver's license, for example). Copies of documents are $2 per page; Certifications are $10 per document. We also have self-serve kiosks available in our lobby, which will allow you to conduct a search on your own.

Veterans and current military personnel may receive a search of their own real estate property and document copies of the same at no charge when they present their credentials [VFW Card, USAA card, or Military ID]. The address must correspond to the driver's license or other official ID [State ID or passport] of the person requesting the search and document copies. Commercial Enterprises are excluded.


Your search can be completed by mailing us a brief yet detailed description of what you are searching for. The search-by-mail fee is $15 per address. Copies of documents are $2 per page; Certifications are $10 per document. Checks should be made payable to WAYNE COUNTY REGISTER OF DEEDS and sent along with your search request to WAYNE COUNTY REGISTER OF DEEDS, 400 Monroe, 7th Floor, Detroit, MI 48226. If the check received exceeds the amount due for the document(s) by more than $25.00, or the amount of the check is less than the total amount due, the document(s) and check will be returned without being processed. When the received check exceeds the total amount due, but the surplus does not exceed $25.00, the document(s) will be processed - however, no refund will be made.

Search By Mail Form