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Human Relations / Business Inclusion


To help ensure equal access and opportunity to all businesses that seek to provide goods and services to Wayne County - while fostering inclusion, diversity, integrity and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit.

What we do:

Wayne County Human Relations/ Business Inclusion Division is a business-certification agency, a tool for doing business with Wayne County. Earned business certifications may be applied as equalization credits in bid evaluations, based on a company's certification category, leveling the playing field for all suppliers. The Division also serves as an investigation/enforcement unit in fair employment and discrimination complaints/violations pertaining to county contractors.


  • An offeror shall receive the equalization credit for each applicable category. The supplier making the lowest evaluated offer, shall be deemed the lowest offeror.
  • In applying equalization credits, a Joint Venture shall not be considered a Mentoring Venture (vice versa), nor shall a Small Business Enterprise be considered an Expanding Business Enterprise (vice versa).
  • No business shall receive credits unless it has been certified by the Wayne County Human Relations/Business Inclusion Division before the bid-submission deadline.
  • Any offeror claiming entitlement/establishing eligibility to equalization credits shall agree to make available (to Wayne County) necessary records.
  • Upon applying any equalization credit, contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible offeror thus evaluated.

County Based Enterprise Equalization Allowance Table

  • Up to $50,000/ 7%
  • $50,000-$200,000/ 5%
  • $200,001 and more than/ 2%

Equalization Table For The County's Other Programs

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) / 2%
  • Expanding Business Enterprise (EBE) / 2%
  • Joint Venture (JV) / 2%
  • Mentor Venture(MV) / 2%
  • Targeted Growth Community (TGC) / 2%
  • Veteran Enterprise (VE) / 2%