HealthChoice of Michigan was formed in 1992 by Wayne County with the intention of creating a public health care corporation under the Michigan Municipal Health Facilities Corporation Act. The purpose is to advance and promote the health and welfare of the residents of Wayne County by, among other things, promoting access to reasonably priced health care to qualifying individuals.


Over the past 20 years, HealthChoice of Michigan has developed a number of programs customized to the healthcare needs of Wayne County residents and businesses. HealthChoice currently provides the following quality and affordable programs listed below:

Our careful screening of providers and enhanced operating procedures mean our members haveaccess to the area's best hospitals and doctors.Our extremely responsive customer service team stands ready to help when needed. Our wide array of health care benefitsis offered at surprisingly affordable rates.

We are committed to those we serve through these programs, and we are proud to provide such quality offerings to the small businesses and residents of these counties (Wayne/Oakland).

We invite you to take a new look at the excellent value that is HealthChoice of Michigan, and then contact us to see how it can benefit you:

HealthChoice of Michigan

500 Griswold Street, 15th Floor North

Detroit, MI 48226

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