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The Engineering Division is responsible for providing engineering and technical services to support the programs and activities of the Department of Public Services, Wayne County, and its partners. The Engineering Division’s primary focus is coordinating road improvement projects between the County, cities and townships and the Michigan Department of Transportation. Division staff work with public and private agencies regarding projects of mutual interest, prepare project plans, outline specifications and bidding documents for road, bridge, building, culvert and other public improvement projects, and exercise general supervision over all construction to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.


Construction Permits
The Construction Permit Office is responsible for reviewing engineering plans and issuing permits for the construction, operation, maintenance and/or removal of facilities within road right-of-ways, drain or property under County jurisdiction.

Design Office / Current Design Projects
The DPS Design Office is responsible for planning, prioritizing and evaluating road, bridge, highway, structure, and drainage projects. The Office is also responsible for state and federal reporting and creation of engineering standards and guidelines.

Construction Office / Current Construction Projects
The DPS Construction Office is responsible for administration and inspection of construction contracts for road, bridge, drainage and other public improvement projects to ensure that construction complies with plans and specifications.


Testing Office
The DPS Engineering Testing Office is responsible for testing and evaluating materials used on county construction projects, including concrete materials, asphalt mixes, sewer pipe, steel, aggregates, paint, and other materials.
Phone: (734) 595-6504