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Second Chair Program

Program Overview

The Second Chair Pilot Program was designed to create an avenue for attorneys seeking additional qualifications and experience for higher severity cases to gain that experience under the mentorship of existing qualified attorneys on our roster.

The program aims to provide clear guidelines around what work constitutes mentorship, set a maximum quantity of pre-trial hours, and policies and funding for both lead counsel and second chair counsel compensation for participation in the program.

To participate in this program as either Lead or Second Chair Counsel, you must review, complete and return the following Memorandum of Understanding. This can be returned to

Second Chair Participant Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding

Requesting a Second Chair Attorney

Once enrolled in our Second Chair program as a Lead Counsel participant, you can request a Second Chair by completing and submitting the following form to theAttention of the Assigned Counsel Administrator at

Upon review and approval, a Second Chair attorney will be assigned following the random rotation outlined in the policy and procedure described in the Participant Enrollment. You will then be responsible for upholding your responsibilities as a First Chair related to providing background and necessary case materials to your Second Chair, the associated mentorship expected of your participation, and tracking mentorship hours for the appropriate mentorship fees.

Request for Second Chair Attorney

Requesting Payment for Participation in Second Chair Cases

The request for payment process is the similar whether you participate as Lead or Second Chair under our program: complete and return the Second Chair Program Attorney Voucher below. If you are Second Chair attorney for the case, you must have your Lead Counsel certify your hours. Neither Lead nor Second Chair attorney will be issued payment until both have submitted billing for a given month.

Return Attorney Vouchers to attention of the Assigned Counsel Administrator.

Second Chair Program Attorney Voucher