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The Wayne County Department of Public Services (DPS) requires a permit to discharge into or modification of the following facilities under Wayne County DPS jurisdiction.

County Drain

Crossing, modifying or discharging storm water to a County Drain requires a permit from the Department of Public Services - Permit Office. Permits from other agencies may also be necessary. Adherence to the Wayne County Storm Water Management Ordinance is required.

County Interceptor Sewer

Connecting into or otherwise altering a County sanitary interceptor sewer requires a permit from the Department of Public Services - Permit Office.
Please submit a completed construction permit application with checklist, three sets of project plans with design computations, and the permit fee to the Permit Office:

Wayne County Department of Public Services
Engineering Division, Permit Office

33809 Michigan Avenue
Wayne, MI 48184-1738
(734) 858-2774

Sewer Use Permit for a Sanitary Sewer Connection

Part 41 Construction Permit for Wastewater Facilities
The design and construction of wastewater facilities such as a sanitary sewer, pumping station, etc. in Wayne County may be governed by the County's Sewer Use Ordinance. A direct connection to a Wayne County sewer or a municipal sewer connection to a Wayne County sewer that discharges domestic or industrial wastewater directly or indirectly to a Wayne County sewer requires a written approval from Wayne County Department of Public Services and a construction permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). This permit is required under the authority of Part 41, Sewerage Systems, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended. For more information, please visit the MDEQ web page for wastewater construction permits.

In order to assist the applicants to submit a complete permit application, a checklist that identifies the requirements of the Wayne County Sewer Use Ordinance and additional reference materials are listed below.

Applicants must submit at least three sets of engineering drawings and a MDEQ Permit Application for Wastewater Systems to Wayne County for review and approval. The Township or City Engineer having jurisdiction must first approve the engineering drawings and Permit Application for the project.

To avoid conflict of interest, the design engineer responsible for the design and drawings of the proposed wastewater facility shall not be the same as the municipality's designated representative to approve and execute the Part 41 Permit Application or the associated project design drawings with the basis of design calculations.

Sanitary Sewer Connection (Sewer Use Permit) Fee
The sanitary sewer plan review fee is $500 (base fee) plus $50 per 100 lineal feet or portion thereof of sewer to be constructed. The flow analysis and inspection fee will be determined during the plan review process. If required, flow analysis fee is $600 and the inspection fee will vary depending on the size of the project. Wayne County will notify the applicant if additional fees are required. Please make your check payable to Wayne County Department of Public Services.

Send the engineering drawings, MDEQ permit application and applicable review fee to:
Adil Siddiqi, Permit Engineer
Wayne County Department of Public Services
Environmental Services Group
Land Resource Management Division
3600 Commerce Court, Building E
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone: (734) 326-5591

Soil Erosion Permit and Application Information

Any earth change/disturbance over one (1) acre in size and/or within 500 feet of a water of the state, (lake, stream, wetland, drain) within Wayne County needs a Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (S.E.S.C.) Permit. If the earth change/disturbance is in one of the communities Wayne County regulates (see table) then you MUST apply and have a Wayne County SESC permit issued before ANY earthwork can begin.

The Wayne County Permit Packages can be downloaded below. The Construction Permit Application is for any construction project whereas the Single Family Residence (S.F.R.) Permit Application is for the construction of a single home within an existing subdivision or a single home on a parcel of land.

Storm Water Management Ordinance

The Wayne County Stormwater Control Ordinance (Enrolled Ordinance No. 2021-526a) and Administrative Rules (Resolution No. 2021-526b) assist in compliance with the mutual requirements of the County, local government, and other public agencies under the federal NPDES stormwater regulations. These requirements include the development, implementation, and enforcement of programs to manage stormwater from new development and re-development projects. Implementation of measures for long-term control of stormwater from development projects helps to minimize flooding, streambank erosion, loss of or damage to natural resources, and water quality impacts for the protection of the public health and safety. Partnerships between the County, local government, and other agencies that influence development and stormwater controls help ensure that the stormwater management programs are effective.