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Discovery Process Overview

Process Overview


To request an initial discovery packet from the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, all of the following must be true:
  1. The Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney has authorized charges against a defendant; and
  2. You are a licensed attorney assigned or retained to defend that defendant in the case for which you are requesting discovery*; and
  3. If appointed, you have a PDF document showing you were appointed to this case.
*Defendants representing themselves can address discovery in their court appearances.

Make a Request

If eligible to request discovery, use the Discovery Request Form to make the request.

Please note, all required information must be filled in in the requested format. The response to the request will be slowed down if the form is filled out incompletely, in the incorrect format (e.g. CTN is something other than "202X123456"), or if multiple requests have been submitted on the same case.

Receiving Discovery

When the request is fulfilled, the defense attorney will receive an emailed link to the email address supplied on the request form. The link will expire after the time period specified in the email. All supplemental discovery issues should be addressed to the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case. The Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has no responsibility for the link or the defense attorney's ability to use the link after it has been sent.