Wayne County Lead Water Response

Wayne County Supports its Communities

Michigan's Lead and Copper Rule was implemented to protect residents from lead and copper corrosion in plumbing materials. The rule requires communities to submit test samples and act on high level readings. This is called an Actionable Lead Exceedance (ALE).

Recent changes in the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act have required more stringent testing to safegaurd residents and catch contaminents in the water before they reach harmful levels. Communities throughout the County, and the State have results with elevated lead reading above the action level or ALE due to older infrastructure.

In the case of an ALE, the state requires communities to conduct activities to minimize exposure in drinking water, this includes monitoring, corrosion control treatment, public education and possibly service line replacement.

Wayne County, through its Department of Health, Human & Veteran Services Public Health Division is supporting its communities working through an ALE by taking action and coordinating response to distribute water filters and helping provide public education.

Communities Currently Recieving Water Filter Distribution

We encourage low income families with children, pregnant women on Medicaid and families enrolled in our WIC program to visit our distribution site to pick up a water filter (one filter per household, while supplies last).