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Litigation Technology Unit


Created in 2017, the Litigation Technology Unit (LTU) assists the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys of the WCPO in the handling, processing, and presentation of digital evidentiary materials. Under the direction of Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, the LTU Litigation Technology Specialists ensure that the practices used in regards to digital evidence are transparent, ethical, and consistent throughout the office.

Over the past decade, the collection and use of digital evidence in criminal prosecutions has grown exponentially. The Wayne County Prosecutors Office processes tens of thousands warrants annually, the vast majority of which include some form of digital evidence. All evidence needs to be reviewed, redacted, and in many cases presented as evidence in court. With the police agencies increased implementation of Body worn Camera Programs in addition to the increasing amounts of video, audio, and complex digital evidence, WCPO faces enormous challenges in being able to review, redact, and present this evidence.

Recognizing that these challenges continue to become more and more pronounced, the County Commission approved initial funding for the creation and operation of a new Litigation Technology Unit. Developed to assist Prosecuting Units in their review, redaction, and presentation of digital evidence in Court, the Litigation Technology Unit's mission is to support Assistant Proseuctors through the provision of technical assistance and litigation support.