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Full Commission

Please Note

The Wayne County Commission will hold its Full Board meetings on the days indicated below at 10:00 a.m. at the Guardian Building Mezzanine, 500 Griswold, Detroit 48226. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.

You can join the meeting via Zoom by visiting, or by dialing any one of the following numbers:(312) 626-6799 (253) 215-8782 (669) 900-6833 (646) 876-9923(301) 715-8592 (346) 248-7799 (408) 638-0968.

Mettings are also being live streamed via the Wayne County Commission YouTube channel.

The County of Wayne will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired at the Commission meeting upon five days' notice to the Clerk of the Commission. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Wayne County Commission by writing or calling the address and number listed below or TDD.

"The vote on the final adoption of any resolution and ordinance occurs at Full Board.

Videos from previous years' meetings, dating back to 2019, are available on the Wayne County Commission's YouTube channel.

2022 Meeting Schedule

ThursdayJan. 610:00 a.m.Agenda
(Organizational Meeting)
ThursdayJan. 2010:00 a.m.Agenda

ThursdayFeb. 310:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayFeb. 1710:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayMarch 310:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayMarch 1710:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayApril 1210:00 a.m.Agenda
(Equalization Meeting)

ThursdayApril 2110:00 a.m.Agenda

ThursdayMay 510:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayMay 1910:00 a.m.Agenda
TuesdayJune 710:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayJune 2310:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayJuly 710:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayJuly 2110:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayAug. 410:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayAug. 1810:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdaySept. 110:00 a.m.Agenda
Public Hearing on the Budget

ThursdaySept. 1510:00 a.m.Agenda
(Annual Meeting)

ThursdayOct. 610:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayOct. 2010:00 a.m.Agenda
(Apportionment Meeting)

ThursdayNov. 310:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayNov. 1710:00 a.m.Agenda
ThursdayDec. 110:00 p.m.Agenda
ThursdayDec. 1510:00 a.m.Agenda