Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is the investigative arm of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The CID consists of state certified law enforcement officers who support the prosecuting attorneys and provide investigative skills and experience. Our detectives come from various law enforcement organizations such as the Homicide and Narcotics Sections of the Detroit Police Department. Still others are from the Michigan State Police and Drug and Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the U.S. Justice Department and other law enforcement departments.

The primary responsibility of the CID is to provide pre-trial investigations. Often, after a warrant is issued and an individual is taken into custody, investigative work is not complete prior to court adjudication. This is where detectives are needed most and provide assistant prosecutors with valuable information before proceeding to trial. Detectives also initiate and conduct investigations requested by the Prosecutor. These investigations range from “Open Meetings Act” violations to murder and fraud to criminal sexual conduct. They are assigned to various units within the office such as Public Integrity Unit, Child Family Abuse Unit and the Homicide Unit. Detectives are also assigned to the Felony Non-Support Unit, which deals with child support and “dead beat parent” issues. Detectives of the CID also work closely with the 43 police agencies throughout the County of Wayne, as well as with federal law enforcement agencies.

Chief James Bivens Jr. - Director
(313) 224-5777