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Screening & District Courts

The Screening & District Courts Division is responsible for the review of most criminal complaints presented by over 50 different law enforcement agencies in Wayne County. The Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys (APAs) in this Division represent the People of the State of Michigan at felony preliminary examinations, misdemeanor proceedings and trials as well as on state traffic violations in 25 different District and Municipal Courts.


District Courts Section

The District Courts Section handles felony preliminary examinations, misdemeanor cases and state traffic violations in Wayne County's 25 District and Municipal Courts, which includes the City of Detroit. In some cases, the section will also handle civil infractions involving traffic tickets.

Warrants Section

The Warrants section is the intake unit for the vast majority of crimes occurring in Wayne County. Criminal cases begin with a warrant request sent to the Prosecutor's Office by a police agency. Warrant requests are reviewed and processed 365 days a year, and APAs are on call after hours to address inquiries, questions, bond issues and warrants. The Warrants Section also reviews search warrants and assists law enforcement agencies prior to the submission of a warrant.

Diversion Section

The Diversion Section oversees several programs designed to encourage prompt and fair disposition of lower-level felony offenses. These include the Pre-Trial Diversion Program, the Pre-Exam Program, the Behavioral Health Program, Drug Court and the Check Enforcement Program.