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Request an Investigator or Expert

AS OF 4/17/2023: In an effort to reduce paper, we have rolled out an online request for investigator and expert service approval to replace the Request for Investigator and Request for Expert forms!

The request process will not impact how payments are handled.
You can view a brief how-to on completing the online request form on our youtube channel HERE

To request a brand new engagement with an investigator or expert, please visit this link:

Request an Expert or Investigator

To request additional services for a service provider following an initial request and approval made online through the above online form, please visit this link:

Request Supplemental Hours for Previously Approved Service
Pre-Requisites for Investigators and Experts

All requests for investigators and experts are subject to our Core Policy and Standardized Travel Policy, found on our Policies & Procedures page HERE.

Any Private Investigator you would like to engage for services must provide licensure information to the Indigent Defense Services Department as well as fill out a background check consent for access to any County jail facility. If your investigative needs are time sensitive, please review our existing courtesy list for a service provider.

Any prospective provider can submit an interest form by checking our our Apply to Our Experts and Investigators Program page, and one of our program administrators will guide them through the necessary forms and paperwork to be added to our courtesy list, background checked (if applicable) and be added to our Accounts Payable system as a payable vendor.

To request an Investigator or Expert, you are encouraged to identify a service provider and determine a general scope of services and anticipated hours necessary for the work to be completed with said provider. Investigators MUST be on our pre-existing list prior to approval as we must verify their licensure and they must submit for security clearance for entry to Wayne County jails. Prospective investigators can apply HERE.

As a courtesy resource, we have lists of providers which have previously been requested or used in Wayne County.

Once you have the scope of your request, submit your request by going to our Request Investigator or Expert web form HERE.

If your investigator or expert has exhausted the previously approved hours requested using the link above, you can request additional hours using our Additional Hours request web form HERE.

For requests for supplemental hours where the original predates our web form release, we will continue to accept requests using the PDFs below sent to

  • Request for Supplemental Hours (Investigator)/Opt-Out form HERE
  • Request for Supplemental Hours (Expert) form HERE

In the event your request for an investigator or expert is denied and you believe the denial warrants an appeal, you can complete a Request for Appeal Regarding Investigator/Expert Services and submit it to to the attention of the Assigned Counsel Administrator within three (3) business days of denial.

Request for Appeal Regarding Investigator/Expert Services form