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Internal Divisions

Financial Reporting

The role of Financial Reporting is to centralize the accounting of the County's various operations and to be able to generate data, information, or reports to stakeholders both with the County government and to outside individuals or entities. Financial Reporting consists of multiple accounting functions:

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable prepares and sends out billings for various County Departments and Offices of Elected Officials as well as coordinating the collection of the County's receivables. They work closely with Department and Office of Elected Official staff to ensure a timely collection and work with stakeholders on billing disputes with the County's service recipients.

Accounts Payable

The County's payments to its vendors and to its communities flow through Accounts Payable. Vendor invoices are processed and paid, including verification that goods and services have been delivered, that vendors are authorized, and that invoices match with requested goods and services.


Payroll staff ensure that the payroll processing is properly accounted for, that the payroll system is kept up to date, and that employee, tax, and deductions are properly remitted.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets, such as roads, equipment, and vehicles, accounting is coordinated through this function. County Departments and Offices of Elected Officials procure equipment or vehicles or build new roads. These costs are captured and allocated to ensure proper financial reporting of the County's fixed assets.


Over a billion dollars flows through the County's accounting system each year and the Cash function is vital in keeping track of which funds have how much cash so that they can provide County services and that all cash transactions are properly accounted for.

Debt Management

The County has hundreds of millions of dollars in outstanding bonds and each bond or loan have different payment timing requirements. The Debt Management function ensures that all the accounting for our debt payments are properly recorded and that debt support schedules and historical records maintained.


Coordinates the creation of the County's annual budget and budget appropriation within State and County statutory requirements and with 8 departments, 7 Offices of Elected Officials and the Commission to develop an annual balanced budget. Once a budget is approved the division handles budget control by making sure that budgeted amounts are not exceeded.

Capital Planning and Buildings Administration

The Capital Planning and Buildings Administration Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all general fund County buildings and capital expenditure planning related to infrastructure. The division also facilitates the procurement of office and work space, as well as space planning for County departments and other agencies that operate in County-owned buildings and leased facilities.

Grants and Contracts

The oversight of the County's compliance with its grants is vital to continued federal funding of many of the County's programs. The division provides grant application reviews, training, financial oversight, coordination of the County single audit over federal grants, and consulting services to various County departments.

Satellite Divisions

  • HVCW Finance

    Health Veterans and Community Wellness (HVCW) Finance provides HVCW Department with financial support activities such as accounting, accounts receivable billings an collections, purchasing support, budget development and oversight, assistance with accounts payable and preparation of financial statements. HVCW Finance maintains dedicated full-time M&B staff to support the HVCW.
  • DPS Finance

    Department of Public Services (DPS) Finance provides DPS with accounting, budgeting, and grant assistance on a full time basis. M&B staff are assigned to and work within the Department.