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Quotes about Kym Worthy

"Wayne County (Michigan) prosecutor Kym Worthy, 56, had a brilliant idea: Start running DNA tests on 11,000 police rape kits – swabs of semen and saliva and other evidence – found gathering dust in a warehouse. She landed a federal grant to begin logging and processing the kits and entering the results in a national DNA database. So far, 21 serial rapists have been identified, and two have gone to trial; more arrest will require more funding." - (More Magazine, May 2013)

"After 11,000 untested rape kits were discovered in a police warehouse, Michigan prosecutor Kym Worthy vowed to get justice. With a $1 million federal grant, Worthy identified 21 serial rapists – and she's only just begun. 'No one really paid attention to what I was yelling about until about four months in,'she says." - ( – Women of Impact – March 2013)

"Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy stalks the conscience of Detroit. A fixture on local television news, she is obsessively deconstructed, idolized, criticized and, above all, feared. When she set her sights on Kwame Kilpatrick, the physically imposing, impossibly charming former Detroit mayor with strong family ties to the city's old political guard, no one could have foreseen just how relentless she could be." - (Tatsha Robertson, Essence Magazine, January 14, 2010)

"Kym Worthy is a great public servant. She took on a difficult challenge and followed the law. The manner in which she conducted herself and her staff against outstanding opposition was nothing short of astonishing, yet also, simply expected of a good prosecutor." - (Dennis Archer in an interview with Doug Guthrie of the Detroit News on March 28, 2009)

"As Kym Worthy's law career has grown, so has her position as a leader who teaches by example." - (The Times Herald, Liz Shepard, February 20, 2009)

"She saved the city's reputation by doing what she promised – showing American that no one is above the law." - (Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press, January 1, 2009)

"No local attorney faced more scrutiny and political pressure in 2008 than Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy." - (Crain's Detroit Business (Bill Shea), December 8, 2008)

"We say, take a bow, Kym Worthy. Instead of ducking responsibility, you did a great job under the most difficult of circumstances." - (Metro Times, 10/15/2008)

"I interview a lot of people every year but not every guest makes a strong impression on me. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy did. She takes her job seriously and she speaks her mind. For the most part, she delivers her "no nonsense" tough talk. She knows the law and she works hard to seek what she believes is justice in the cases she prosecutes. Friends and foes alike respect her." - (Channel 7 News Detroit, Chuck Stokes, September 13, 2008)

"It was classic Worthy: blunt, focused, confident, according to people who have known her a long time." - (The Detroit News, Francis X. Donnelly, March 25, 2008)