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HealthChoice Providers

Community Care Associates, Inc. (C-Care)

HealthChoice of Michigan provides comprehensive health care benefits through an extensive network of metro Detroit's most respected physicians and hospitals. Community Care Associates, Inc. is a medical service provider with the HealthChoice of Michigan Program. We are dedicated to providing high quality care in an environment that respects privacy and assures patient dignity and member satisfaction. High quality care and service for our members means coordinated health care and services within an integrated delivery system. The ultimate, compelling goal of Community Care Associates, (CCA) Inc. is to proactively and effectively accommodate the needs of our customers. When you join C-Care, you'll benefit from:

  • Innovative disease management programs on topics such as smoking cessation and diabetes
  • Personalized case management
  • More than 200 contracted physicians
  • Major hospitals throughout the tri-county area
  • Independent and major chain pharmacies

Once enrolled in the program, your health care needs are managed through the participating physician(s) you select using their provider directory.

Contact Community Care Associates, Inc. via phone at 866-323-3224, or visit online at

ScriptGuide RX

Where Your Health Comes First

Scriptguide RX, 15400 E. Jefferson Ave. Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

Member Services: 855-855-SGRX 15400 E. Jefferson Ave. Member Services

Pharmacy Help Desk (Pharmacists Only): 855-FOR-SGRX

Golden Dental Plans of Michigan

29377 Hoover Road
Warren, MI 48093


Heritage Vision Plans

One Woodward Avenue
Suite 2020
Detroit, MI 48226


For more information about the HealthChoice providers, please call 1-800-WELL-NOW or send correspondence to: HealthChoice of Michigan, 500 Griswold St.,15th Floor North, Detroit, MI 48226