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2008 News Archive

12/23/08Prosecutor dismisses murder charges against three accused in Riverview murders
12/15/08Proscutor Worthy warns parents of the Top 10 most violent videogames
12/08/08Detroit mom charged for sex party
12/01/08Prosecutor Announces Plea In Beatty Case| Also see: Appendix A
11/20/08Man charged in murder of 89-year-old Van Buren woman
11/19/08Inkster woman charged in fatal arson
10/28/08Defendant Kwame M. Kilpatrick Sentenced To 120 Days In Wayne County Jail
10/27/08Prosecutor Worthy To Hold Q&A Session
10/18/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy
10/16/08Wayne County Officials Open New Out-County Prosecutor’s Office
09/25/08Statement of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy Regarding DPD Crime Lab Audit Findings
09/18/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy
09/04/08Prosecutor Announces Plea In Kilpatrick Case
08/18/08Prosecutor Worthy’s Statement Regarding Court of Appeals Decision
08/01/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy
07/11/08Wayne County Prosecutors Build A House With Habitat For Humanity
07/10/08Statement Regarding Former Justice Patricia J. Boyle
07/09/08Prosecutor announces charges In baby drowning
07/09/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy Regarding Emergency Leave to Appeal
06/16/08Stevenson High School Student Charged In Fatal Car Crash
05/12/08Prosecutor announces charges of airport worker
05/07/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy
04/28/08Statement Regarding Detroit Police Firearm Evidence
04/23/08Cobb warrant request denied
03/24/08Prosecutor charges Mayor and former Chief of staff
03/19/08Charges issued in death of two-year-old
03/17/08Livonia woman charged with mother’s death
03/12/08Auto Theft Chart
03/12/08Three defendants charged in Million dollar auto theft scheme
02/14/08Operation CUPID delivers Valentine’s Day gift to custodial parents: help collecting child support
02/13/08Doctor charged with new sexual assault cases involving female patients
01/30/08Detroit Bus Driver Charged With Negligent Homicide
01/25/08Statement of Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy
01/18/08Emergency Services Operator Found Guilty
01/17/08Detroit Police Commander Enters Plea
01/15/08Detroit Police Commander Acquitted
01/08/08Sheriff, Prosecutor reclaim Internet child sex predator who fled to Canada to avoid US justice