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CLEAN Illegal Dumping Program

Illegal dumping is a significant problem in many urban and rural communities in Wayne County. It affects public health and safety, decreases property value, discourages economic growth and helps to perpetuate negative perceptions about a community and its citizens. Local governments and private property owners incur significant costs associated with the cleanup and prevention of illegal dumping. Recognizing the severity of the problem in our communities, Wayne County offers a program called CLEAN (County Lending Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods) designed to assist in the cleaning up of illegal dumping. Municipalities and community groups (i.e. block clubs or faith-based groups) who wish to participate in the CLEAN program are invited to submit an application for their proposed project to the environmental Services Division (ESD) of Wayne County's Department of Public Services.

CLEAN projects are conducted in two phases, a cleanup phase and a security phase. The applicant group agrees to provide the manpower for the cleanup while Wayne County agrees to provide roll-off boxes for collecting the waste, as well as its hauling and disposal. The security phase of the project is the responsibility of the applicant group awarded a project and is focused on preventive measures and long range security. Applicants are responsible for putting measures into place that will secure the site following the cleanup to reduce the potential for further dumping. Such measures are essential to the success of this program and projects that emphasize strong preventive measures and community involvement will be given priority in the selection process.

The ESD administers the CLEAN program and welcomes applications at any time. For additional information about the CLEAN program or for a copy of the application instructions, click on the link below. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the CLEAN Program Administrator John Demerjian at 734-326-5708.

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