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The purpose of the Administrative Group is to provide information technology procurement, technology products assessment, product selection and acquisition, and technology leadership to Wayne County executive departments so they can achieve identified operational and strategic performance targets.

  • Procurement Management
    The purpose of the Administrative Purchasing Program is to provide consultations, contract compliance, document processing, and reporting services to departments so they can successfully achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Human Resources
    The purpose of the Administrative Human Resources Program is to provide Employee Selection, Labor Relation, Benefit Administration Time and Labor, Personnel Records Management, and department specific training services to Department personnel so that they will have the human resources needed to complete their mission.
  • Finance
    The purpose of the Administrative Finance Program is to provide financial and budgetary information services to department staff and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer so they can ensure budgetary and grantor compliance and fiscal accountability of County resources
  • Executive Leadership & Customer Satisfaction
    The purpose of the Administrative Executive Leadership and Customer Satisfaction program is to provide leadership, strategic direction, administrative support services and events to department managers, employees and citizens of Wayne County so they can achieve organizational and individual performance results and receive services to address their basic needs.


  • Administrative Information Technology
    The purpose of the Administrative Information Technology Program is to provide continuous technology leadership, systems support, and technology solutions consultation to Wayne County Departments so they can have the technical support needed to accomplish their mission.