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GIS Resources

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide solutions for planning needs, economic development, emergency preparation, environmental protection, and much more. At Wayne County, GIS is being used in novel ways each and every day. Many of these activities produce GIS data and maps which are made accessible to the public on this web page.

Interactive Maps dynamically display GIS data and allow users to interact with the content in ways that are not possible with traditional printed maps. This includes zooming and panning the map, selecting features to gain additional information, and, in some cases, conducting analysis on geospatial information.

Print Maps are static representations of geographic information.

GIS Data are the information used by interactive and print maps to communicate a message. They can consist of parcel information, road features, park boundaries, and much more.

Use the links below to explore our GIS Data and Maps!

GIS Data and Maps

For support or questions, contact the GIS staff: