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Veteran's Services

The Veteran Services Division provides financial hardship and support services to Wayne County's honorably discharged veterans and their families so they can meet their basic needs.

To all Wayne County Veterans & their families,

Wayne County Veteran Services are proud to be of service to our veterans who had the courage to sacrifice for the freedoms that we enjoy every day. We serve hundreds of veterans and their family members here in Wayne County annually. We want you to know that there is a caring and dedicated staff member here at Veteran Services to assist you in our Health ,Human & Veterans Services office.We are in the International Center Building at 400 Monroe St. 4th floor Suite 405. Monday-Friday 8am-430 pm.

On Tuesdays & Thursdays you can also visit us at our Satellite office located at 1751 Radcliff in Garden City, Mi. 48135. Located inside the Radcliff Community Center.

Thank You for Your Service,

Randy Walker

Veterans Division Director

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 313-224-5045

Attention Peacetime Veterans:

Resources are now available through 2023 for eligible veterans that served during peacetime.

Please contact our office to learn more and to apply.

Relief Eligibility

War-time veterans must have served in the Armed Forces during one of the periods listed below, or have been awarded an expeditionary medal, which should be indicated on the DD-214 [Military Discharge].

  • Persian Gulf - 8/2/1990 to present

  • Vietnam - 2/28/1961 to 5/7/1975

  • Korea - 6/27/1950 to 1/31/1955

  • World War II - 12/7/1941 to 12/31/1946

Programs & Services

Honorably discharged, wartime veterans and their families are assisted by Wayne County Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds. The need of each case is evaluated and the extent of aid to be granted is determined. This division interviews and counsels applicants and interacts with other human service, federal, state, county and city agencies. They also coordinate services with privately funded agencies to bring relief to the client.

Veteran Financial Hardship Services

The purpose of the Veteran Financial Hardship Services Program is to provide temporary emergency financial assistance to Wayne County honorably discharged indigent wartime veterans, their spouses, and dependant children so they can meet their immediate needs.

Veteran Support Services

The purpose of the Veteran Support Services Program is to provide Veterans Administration compensation/disability applications services to Wayne County eligible veterans and their families will apply for assistance so they can receive additional benefits and secure employment.

Veteran Funeral Expense Assistance

Wayne County Veteran Services Division provides assistance with funeral expenses. Those veterans and spouses with assets less than $40,000 excluding the family residence, are eligible. The veteran must have received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Armed Forces, with at least 90 days of recognized war time service. Spouses of veterans are not eligible for government marker. The county of Wayne will provide up to $1000.00 toward burial benefits and $50.00 toward the cost of installing a Government Marker.

Required Application Documentation

Please bring the following items to your in-person appointment:
  1. Military Discharge [DD-214]
  2. Valid Michigan ID w/ Picture

  3. Verification of Income and Expenses

Additional information required for financial hardship services

  1. Utility Shut-Off notices

  2. Eviction Norice [Need Court-Ordered Judgement]

  3. Tax Notice of Property being taken for Delinquent Tax

Additional information required for funeral expense assistance
Applications must be completed by claimant within two (2) years from the date of death.

  1. Itemized Funeral Bill

  2. Certified Death Certificate

  3. Proof of Marriage (For Widows)

  4. Complete Information Regarding Assets

To expedite time you should call in advance and schedule an appointment. No mail-in applications are accepted.

Helpful Links

Veterans Services Brochure

Veterans Services Flyer - Peacetime to order vital records such as Death and Marriage Certificates. to order replacement discharge documents from the National Records Center or call (314)801-0800. to find resources and support for facing everyday challenges.