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Juvenile FAQs

Did someone (the defendant) pay any restitution on a certain case?
Restitution payments are processed at the end of the month, if a payment has been made you will receive a payment within two weeks after month end.
What alternatives do I have if the defendant doesn't pay anything restitution on a certain case?
The plaintiff (only the receiving the money) could sue or contact the judge and maybe he/she would enforce that the restitution should be paid with some sort of stipulation.
How long does it take to receive my bond refund back?
Refunds are processed through the Wayne County Treasurer's system and generally take up to three weeks before a surety receives his/her refund.
How long does it take to receive my restitution payment?
Please give restitution payments 2 weeks after the month end to be received.
What alternatives do I have if I cannot pay the court cost and/or attorney fees the judge administered for me to pay?
Come to the cashier's office (room 238, 2nd floor) and pick a motion packet to try and get the fees waived. Fill it out and take it up the 3rd floor administration department and that department will mail you a response. It is up the judge to waive fees, not the employees of the fiscal unit.
How much do I (the defendant) owe for restitution?
Defendants are responsible for keeping an account of their balances. If you are not sure please call the cash office at 833-0591.
Can you pay by credit card or debit card?
Yes, but not at the window. You have to call it in dialing 1-888-604-7888 and follow the prompts or go online at and follow those prompts.
How long after using the credit card, the department will know I've paid for my son/daughters case?
No longer than ten minutes. I will receive at confirmation form via fax to my office.
How and where do I post a bond?
First off you have to have an order from the presiding judge involved in the case to give you permission to post the bond. Once that happens the judges' clerk will give an authorization to post the bond. The amount you have to pay will specified in the order. Bonds can be posted at the Lincoln Hall of Justice second floor room 238 or at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice cash offices between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm. After 4:30pm you can post bond at the Wayne County Jail located Downtown Detroit 570 Clinton on the first floor.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash or Money Order. No personal checks.
Who do I make the money orders out to?
Wayne County Clerk.
Where is the Tether Unit located and the phone number?
In the Lincoln Hall of Justice, Building B Room 322. The phone number is 313-967-2012.