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Risk Management


The Purpose of the Risk Management Program is to provide proactive risk evaluations, safety programs and consultation services to County departments, so they can protect the County from financial loss.


  • Administration
Provide overall divisional program design and procedures of operation. Coordinate the interaction of various units within the division. Risk Management is a multi-faceted division servicing every department/division and employee of Wayne County through its operation.
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Program
The Risk Management Director is responsible for managing the County's commercial insurance and self-insurance risk retention programs; and, reviews insurance requirements for Wayne County agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding (MOU), intergovernmental agreements, and construction contracts. This section is also responsible for developing and managing the Insurance Budget and managing the County Risk Management Information System for non-litigated property and liability claims.
  • Property & Casualty Claims
This unit manages the property and liability claims process, assists departments in the development of cost minimization strategies, and assist in developing and tracking Corrective action Plans. The manager of this unit is responsible for the management, investigation of property and liability claims and subrogation-recovery for damages to County property, vehicles and equipment. The manager of this unit also assist the Director in reviewing insurance requirements for Wayne County contracts, agreements, memorandum of understanding, intergovernmental agreements, permits and construction contracts.
  • Risk Management Guide
  • Annual Report