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William P Holliday Forest & Wildlife Preserve

The Holliday Forest & Wildlife Preserve contains approximately 550 acres along the valley of what is known as Tonquish Creek in the northwest part of the County of Wayne.

This land was acquired by the County for the purpose of habitat preservation through the estate of Mr. Arthur J. Richardson, a Detroit Banker. Mr. Richardson, a philanthropist who died in 1938, stipulated in his will that the County establish a park in honor of his uncle William P. Holliday, who was a life long mentor.

It took over twenty years to assemble hundreds of little parcels that eventually became the Holliday Wildlife Preserve in 1958.

This three-mile section of the Tonquish Creek watershed is in its natural state, containing thickets, upland woods, wetlands and meadows. The foot trails that follow the streambed date back to the days of the Potowanami Indians who fished and trapped this rich land. Chief Tonquish was killed and buried on the lands within the preserve.

There are over 10 miles of hiking trails for your enjoyment. For information on our Nature Walk Programs look at our Interpretive Centers and Calendar of Events pages.

There are five main entrances into the Holliday Nature Preserve:

Ellsworth entrance is on the south side of Hines Drive across from Nankin Mills, behind the comfort station, near the volleyball courts.

Joy entrance is located on the south side of Joy Road, just west of Wayne Road.

Cowan entrance is located on the north side of Central City Parkway between Nankin Boulevard and Warren Avenue.

Newburgh entrance is located on the east side of Newburgh Road, just north of Warren Avenue. No parking at this location.

Koppernick entrance is located on the south side of Koppernick Road, west of Hix Road. [Koppernick Road is located off of Hix Road between Joy Road and Warren Avenue.]

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