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Property Tax Listing FAQs

Why is the "PAY" button not showing on my screen?

If your parcel is in bankruptcy or if a tax year has a state or individual bid status, then your payment will only be accepted in person and not via the website. Please determine the status of your parcel or call our office at (313) 224-5990 during normal business hours.

How do I obtain a copy of a delinquent tax bill?
A copy of a delinquent tax bill may be obtained by mailing your request to our offices. Please include in your letter the property address and, if available, parcel ID information. Mail your request to:

Wayne County Treasurer
ATTN: Tax Bill Request
400 Monroe, 5th Floor
Detroit, MI 48226
I sent in my payment or submitted payment via the website but the website still shows I have delinquent taxes. Was my payment received?

Payments received via the mail are usually posted within two business days. Payments received at the end of the month may encounter an additional minor delay. Payments that were entered at our website are usually posted within two business days.

Our website is updated once every business day. If you still have a concern, please email our office at or call our office at (313) 224-5990 during normal business hours.

I am no longer the owner of this property and I keep getting delinquent notices. How do I get my name removed from the tax bill?
Our office does not have the authority to remove your name from a tax bill. You must visit the local assessor's office within the municipality of the location of the home with proof of sale, deed or property transfer to have your name removed from the property.
How do I obtain a list of properties with delinquent taxes in a particular community or for the entire County?
Foreclosed homes that may be available for auction are listed on our main website at the link below.

Forfeited Property List with Interested Parties

This information is usually available in August for the auctions in September and October. They are sorted by municipality, by street, and by zip code for your convenience.
How can I purchase a home that shows delinquent taxes are owing?
Paying taxes on a home you do not own will not create ownership. To purchase the home you must contact the current owner to purchase or consider participation in our auctions in the event that the property becomes foreclosed.

It is our goal to make every effort to notify homeowners of any delinquent taxes on their property to prevent it from being sold at auction. A listing of public auction dates and the properties available will be posted at the link below:


Public Auctions usually take place in the fall.

When I click on the 'Pay Now' button nothing happens?
Security blocks may be in place on your computer that can restrict certain functions. Try holding down the "ctrl" key when clicking on the 'Pay Now' button. This may override the security block. For further assistance please call our office at (313) 224-5990 during normal business hours.