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The Division of Buildings is responsible for efficiently maintaining, operating, controlling and managing all Wayne County General Fund buildings so that they remain secure, occupied, attractive, environmentally safe and that all systems operate in a proper and acceptable manner. This Division also provides proper housing for Wayne County agencies and a number of State agencies in both County owned buildings and privately owned facilities. The aforementioned objectives are accomplished through the use of tradesman, Housekeepers and an Architect employed by this division and by the obtainment of engineering and construction services from private entities.

Prime Directive

To efficiently and effectively maintain, operate, control and manage all Wayne County General Fund Buildings in order to provide a clean, safe working environment for all Wayne County employees, Elected Officials and Citizens of Wayne County.


  • To provide clean safe working conditions for Wayne County Employees, Elected Officials and the citizens of Wayne County
  • Identify and recommend capital improvements to buildings for long-term cost saving measures
  • To continue to operate an efficient and cost effective division that operates in a professional manner at all times
  • To ensure qualified staff is available to address emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week