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Service Fees

Pursuant to Wayne County Order 95-456 3, effective June 30, 1995, as amended, the following fees will be charged for services provided to the public by this department:

Tax certification for deed
$5.00 per document, up to 25 parcels,
$0.20 for each additional parcel
Copy of a paid tax statement$3.00 per tax item per year
Charge for follow-up processing of a check returned for non-sufficient fund, closed accounts, or for similar banking reasons$25.00
Tax search and abstract (searched per tax item)$3.00 per year
Photocopy$1.00 per page
Electronic file containing delinquent real property pursuant to transcripts and abstracts of record act (TARA), MCL 48.101.25 cents per tax year, minimum 100 parcels