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Civil Complaint

The Office of The Wayne County Clerk is not able to process your request without the proper documentation and applicable filing fee.

If you are not certain as to the proper form and commencement of action in the Circuit Court, it may be advantageous to consult an attorney for assistance.

The Wayne County Clerk’s Office does not provide legal assistance or forms for filing new cases.

MCR 2.101 (B) Commencement of Action. A civil action is commenced by filing a complaint with a court.,e.g., Complaint, Petition, Claim of Appeal or Application for Leave to Appeal.

Every pleading must be legibly typewritten or printed in ink in the English language and captioned pursuant to MCR 2.113.

Jurisdictional amount in the Circuit Court is $25,000.00 and in excess.

Case Classification Code is required pursuant to MCR 8.117.

Filing Fee for a Civil Complaint is $150.00 *Personal checks are not accepted.

Filing Fee for a Jury Demand is $85.00.

On the filing of the Complaint/Petition, a case number and judge will be assigned to the case.

The Clerk of the Court will issue a Summons for each named defendant in the complaint.

The Wayne County Clerk’s Office does not provide service of process.

Proceed accordingly pursuant to the Michigan Court Rules and Statutes that apply.