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Prosecutor's Corner

Welcome to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office website. At the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, we are committed to achieving justice for our city's most vulnerable residents. We work tirelessly to hold offenders accountable and protect victims, and we innovate to break the cycle of crime.

Our website will provide you with valuable information about our office, programs, and resources.

The Wayne County Prosecutor is the lawyer for the people, an elected official who is elected every four years. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office prosecutes felony crimes throughout Wayne County. My staff of over 180 assistant prosecuting attorneys, 24 investigators and 70 clerical and non lawyers support staff prosecute over 52% of all felony cases in Michigan. Forbes Magazine recently named Detroit as the most violent city in America. Our office is one of the 10th largest by case load in America and yet our staff is minuscule when compared to offices like Los Angeles who enjoy a staff of over 2,200 or even Philadelphia who employ over 600 people. I am proud of our record and the miracles that we accomplish everyday.

The mission of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is to pursue justice, to safeguard the community by demanding accountability for those who commit crimes and to enhance the quality of life by changing the culture of violence

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