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Discovery Request Form

COVID-19 Discovery Procedure

Due to the effects of COVID-19, defense attorneys must use this form to request discovery on their cases until further notice. The discoveries will be faxed or delivered electronically to the defense attorney, so please verify that the information supplied is correct.

Contact Information

  • 36 D Exams
    • (313) 224-8869
  • 30th, 31st, 32A, 32B
    • (313) 967-6823
  • Out-County Districts not listed above
    • (313) 203-7710
  • All other inquiries

Case Information

Please enter the identifying information for the case.

Request Information

By clicking the Submit button, the user attests that the attorney of record in this case is properly listed above, that the listed attorney has verified that the information provided is accurate, and has authorized this request for discovery.