Election Information

Candidate Letter Notice

In complete transparency, please note the following: A letter went out on June 6, 2018, from the Wayne County Clerk's Elections Division which erroneously stated the date of "August 8, 2017 Primary Election" as opposed to "August 7, 2018 Primary Election." This typographical error doesn't impact the integrity of the ballot process. The purpose of the letter was solely for the candidates to confirm the correct spelling of their name on the sample ballot. A corrected letter has been sent to candidates. Please pardon any confusion that this may have caused. If you have any questions, contact the Wayne County Elections Division at 313-224-5525.

Elections in Wayne County are conducted under the authority of the County Clerk.

The County Clerk is responsible for coordinating and administering all Federal, State and County elections conducted in Wayne County. Also, responsible for monitoring the candidates compliance with all filing requirements and the printing of ballots for respective elections. Furthermore, this Division serves as an administrative officer to the Tax Allocation Board, Board of Election Commissioners, Board of County Canvassers, Election Scheduling Committee and Apportionment Commission.

Wayne County's Elections Officials are:

  • Cathy M. Garrett - Wayne County Clerk
  • Gregory P. Mahar - Director of Elections
  • Jennifer Redmond - Assistant Director of Elections
  • Gil Flowers - Campaign Finance Manager

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